We are committed in strengthening international understanding through cultural interactions. Each year we organize events and activities in a wide range of fields, from arts to science, from history to economy in an effort to bring different cultures together.We invite all of you to take the chance to absorb new influences, meet like-minded people, challenge yourselves, get inspired and grow as a person.

R&J Cultural Life International is dedicated to culturally diverse arts and offering an exciting programme of culturally diverse arts for all. Stay updated with an ever changing series of: R&J文化生活会致力于多元化文化艺术并提供与其相关的各种精彩个性的文化交流项目。请定期关注关于以下系列的具体详情:

-exhibitions 展览

-theatrical plays 戏剧

-festival days 文化艺术节

-live performances 演出

-workshops 专题讨论会

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