Hua Mulan is known through history as one of the most heroic women figures of ancient China. During the 5th century, the story of the legendary warrior was written as a ballad. The original song, unfortunately, has not survived, but at least a version of it exists written in a collection of poems, songs and lyrics with the title “Music Bureau Collection, written by Guo Maoqian during the 11th or 12th century.

The story of Hua Mulan, the brave young woman who dressed as a man and went to war instead of her old father and her very young brother, is one of the greatest legends of Chinese history. According to the ancient poets and writers, 12 years after she joined the army, Mulan did not accept any of the titles, honors and medals that were offered to her and just returned to her home and her family. It was only then when her war companions discovered her gender and felt surprised and admiration for her.

Although there is no archaeological evidence that Hua Mulan really existed, her story is being taught until today in Chinese schools. Historical person or legend, her story gave birth to one of Chinese people favorite songs that touches them and gives them courage through the centuries.  



Theatrical Play: MU LAN




The Northern Wei Dynasty [386-557] suffered constant invasion. The imperial court recruited solders all over the country to fight the invaders. HUA Mulan, not having the heart to see her father, weak and old, return to battlefield, decided to disguise herself as male soldier to take her father’s place in the conscription army.


In the camp, Mulan became acquainted with General Li Wei. In a sneak attack by the enemy, mullein was injured when protecting Li. When helping Mulan to bandage her wound, Li discovered that Mulan was a girl. They gradually fell in love. One night, the camp was raided by enemy soldiers. To distract the enemy, Li ordered Mulan to pose as him and lead the troop to withdraw to a safer place. Li was hopelessly outnumbered and died in battle. Mulan, although in deep grief, led the troop to resist and finally defeated the enemies.



After serving in the army for over 12 years, Mulan returned in triumph. In consideration of Mulan’s great contributions in battles and her filial piety to her father, the emperor pardoned her for cheating him, and appointed her to position of great importance. However, Mulan did not accept the post and returned to her hometown.


Director’s Note


The Mulan’s Story is handed down from generation to generation in China. Not only for Confucian explanations of filial piety and loyalty, the story also pays attention to feminine consciousness awakening. In this story, to assume the filial responsibility, Mulan joined the army that was the world of males, but she still longed for the sweet love as a young girl. The conflict between loyalty to the country and her personal emotion drove Mulan to shift from a country girl to a heroine who finally saved the country. She was just like a beautiful flower that was planted in the fields, grew up in country land and bloomed in the storm and rain.

The impressionistic aesthetic spirits in Chinese plays lay a sound foundation for us to present Chinese traditional stories and cultures on modern stages, and enables the world to feel the beauty of this oriental female character.



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Mulan Ballad:

  作者:郭茂倩 (宋代)



One sigh after another,
Mulan sat opposite the door weaving;
But no sound of the shuttle was heard,
Except the sighs of the girll
When asked what she was pondering over,
When asked what she had called to mind,
Nothing special the girl was pondering over,
Nothing special the girl had called to mind.
Last night I saw the draft dispatch,
The Khan is mustering a mighty army;
The rosther consists of many muster rolls,
And every roll has Father's name on it.
Father has no grown son,
Nor Mulan an elder brother;
I want to buy a saddle and a horse,
And from now on fight in place of my father.
In the eastern market she bought a fine steed,
In the western market a saddle and a pad,
In the southern market a bridle,
In the norhtern market a long whip.
At daybreak she bid farewell to her parents,
At sunset she bivouacked by the Yellow River;
What met her ear was no longer her parents' call,
But the gurgles and splashes of the rushing waters.
At daybreak she left the Yellow River,
At sunset she arrived at the top of the Black Hill;
What met her ear was no longer her parents' call,
But the Hu horses neighing in the Yanshan Mountains.
On the expedition of thousands of miles to the war,
She dashed across mountains and passes as if in flight;
In the chilly northern air night watches clanged,
In the frosty moonlight armour glishened.
Generals laid down their lives in a hundred battles,
And valiant soldiers returned after ten years' service.
When she returned to an audience with the Son of Heaven,
The Son of Heaven st in the Hall of Brightness.
A promotion of many ranks was granted her for her merits,
With a reward that amounted to thousands of strings of cash.
The Khan asked Mulan what she desired to do,
I don't need any high official position,
Please lend me a sturdy camel that is fleet of foot,
And send me bank to my hometown.
When her parents heard their daughter was coming,
They walked out of the town, each helping the other;
When her elder sister heard the younger sister was coming,
She decked herself out in her best by the door;
When her younger brother heard his elder sister was coming,
He whetted a knife and aimed it at a pig and a sheep.
I opened the door of my east chamber,
And then sat down on the bed in my west chamber;
Taking off the armour worn in wartime,
I attired myself in my apparel of former times;
By the window I combed and coiffed my cloudy hair,
Before the mirror I adorned my forehead with a yellow pattern.
When she came out to meet her battle companions,
They were all astounded and thrown into bewilderment.
Together they had been in the army for a dozen years or so,
Yet none had ever known that Mulan was actually a girl.
The male rabbit kicks its fluffy feet as it scampers,
The eyes of female rabbit are blurred by fluffy tufts of hair,
But when they run side by side in the field,
You can hardly tell the doe from the buck!

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